july 15th, 2021

today we walked around athens and saw some beautiful ruins. we spent a couple hours at the acropolis, and wandered around with our guide, nancy. we learned about all of the mythology, and saw some really gorgeous sights from the heights. then we got back into the car with our driver and went to the acropolis mueseum in the center of the city. 

the way that the mueseum was organized was very interesting, because everything was very focused on the history of greek and roman architechture. the architect who created the mueseum did an amazing job incorperating modern ideas into historic ones. it was very interesting to see all of the orginal pieces of the temples and the artwork and pottery that was found. after the mueseum, we got into the car and drove and hour to lunch, which was on the water. the food was very good. then we drove about thirty minutes to the temple of poseidon, which was very pretty.

the temple faced the sea, and the view was amazing. we saw some carved names on the marble of historic figures such as famous poets, and learned some more myths. then we got back into the car and headed to the hotel, where we rested and then went out to dinner by the museum, and then walked around and got ice cream. then we headed back to the hotel and packed for santorini. 

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