Welcome to Singapore!!

What's up people!?! After 24 hours on a plane ( .aka. NOT FUN AT ALL), we reached Singapore. When we got to the airport, it was like WOW! Singapore is the best airport in the world, so it was understandable. We got to the hotel, which was the Four Seasons. It’s exteremly nice, and our driver was really cool. At the hotel, we ate a super snazzy breakfast, which consisted of very healthy foods, including donuts and french toast. After a nutritious break fast (not), we went to the room and SLEPT. And we said we’d sleep for 4 hours, but we slept for 8 1/2. Terrific! Then we went on a great tour, with an awesome guide, Renne. He showed us some of the main attractions in Singapore. Here are some pictures :

We’re standing by the cablecar that leads to Sentosa Island, which is an amusmant park and other attractions hub. 

The Singapore skyline is gorgeous. 💕

This is the Merlion, which is the icon of Singapore. This lion mermaid represents the original name of Singapore, which was fishing village, and that is the bottom half of the lion, the mermaid. The top half is the new name, which means Lion City. There are 5 merlions in Singapore, and they are spread out around the city.

Singapore is a big wow!!! 😍💕

Can we just take a second to appriciate the pure beauty of this elecorn? I mean, come on people, can we have one in America?!?

Just looking at the ocean! 🌊

We saw an amazing light show, and it was really cool!

Another light show. 

And done!!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing day! 



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