Beatles, spelled incorrectly, and not the bug.

*I dedicate this post to Jack and Ben Hertzog, beacause they like the Beatles a lot.*

I hope I don’t Beatle you out while writing this post. If you don’t care about the Beatles, then I suggest you leave this page immediately. Thank you. Now, moving on. I welcome you to Beatleland. If you are still with me, we are going to explore the awesomeness of THE BEATLES!!! YAAY! So, first off, I was walking on ABBEY ROAD!! Then we went to 

Welcome to Strawberry Fields. This is the name of a Beatles song, and a place that John Lennon hung out a lot. Then we went to where they got inspiration for the song “Eleanor Rigby” was. Look.

This is the grave stone. There where also these ones.

Big graveyard. Moving on.

So, then we saw all of their houses.

Me signing Ringo’s birth house.

His house later on in life.

Penny Lane! 

On the Barber shop he waits for the next customer, and the fireman never wears a mack, in the pouring rain…. Very strange. Penny Lane quotes.

Then, Finnaly, We went to the Cavern. The place they first played.

Thanks for reading! Not much more to come :(… Leaving in 3 days!! Bye!

~ Violet 😄 Playing on Penny Lane. 

© Knstrong 2013