Trains, Boats, and Fun

Today, I had so much fun doing all of this stuff. I’m really really happy I got to find a few more pieces of seaglass. I’m really excited for tomorrow because we have an all day tour of Barcelona. Mallorca was very fun today, even though we didn’t have a long day.

The ice cream I got in Soller was the best I’ve ever had.  

I loved it! We also road an awesome hour long train through the mountains.

I can’t believe it was still running! Next, we got on a trolley which took us to the shore, where I found my sea glass, my shells, and my super super smooth stones.

This was the view from the trolley.  We found this little park and I got to swing and play on it for a while.  Here are a few pictures of me on it.

After that, we went back the same way the tain went, except in a car. Yeah, that was really fun. Next, we went home to the boat. That was cool because there was a lot to see on the drive. When we got back on the boat, I drew.  And then, I went to Kids’Club.  Now I am getting ready for bed.  Goodnight everyone!

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