Last Day in Dublin

We have had the best trip, but are sad we have to head home tomorrow.  Eight days went fast here.  We feel like we made the most of it though.  This morning, we drove a little South to Dun Laoghaire.  There is a big harbor and a long jetty that goes way out to sea.  The weather was cloudy, but dry and not too cold...perfect for walking around.

We took the LUAS into Dublin again today, but spent almost the whole time walking around looking for somewhere to eat.  We had heard about a really great restaurant called Gruel.  It wasn’t easy to find, and when we made it there, we realized it was cafeteria style with a narrow staircase that led down to the dining room below.  It was packed with locals and no room for a stroller, so we walked and walked trying to find an alternative that looked good and not touristy.  It took us like two hours to finally settle on a place, and it wasn’t the greatest.  It really started raining, so we couldn’t really take pictures while we were in the city today.  So, now we are back home and just spent the last hour or so talking to the owner of the house, Irene.  She and her husband are the coolest people ever.  The kids are upstairs in bed and we are having a quick dinner before we finish packing.  We have to be out of here by 8 tomorrow morning and have a long, long travel day ahead of us.  It will be sad to leave one of our favorite places in the whole world, but good to be home.  A short trip, but one we will always remember.

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