Yesterday was an unbelievably long day. We got up at 5:30 Barcelona time, which is 9 hours ahead of home. Our first flight was delayed, but we still made our connection in Madrid. The flight from Madrid to New York is 8 LONG hours long. We survived it. Violet did a little better this time than on the way there, but that is a long time for a one year old. The worst part was landing at JFK and knowing we still had to fly 6 hours back to San Diego. Even though it was only like 3:30 in New York, to us it was already 9:30. Got through customs fine (or so we thought) and another delayed flight. Only had to wait for 14 planes to take off ahead of us this time at JFK. We are going to try to never fly through JFK again. By the time we landed in San Diego last night, we had been traveling for 24 hours, and to us, it was morning again. Debbie picked us up at the airport, and we found out that none of our bags made it. They think they were held up at customs in New York, but we won't know until this afternoon. I hope that's all that happened because practically everything we own is in those bags. (those huge, heavy bags we had to pay extra for because they were over the weight limit). Anyway, last night we were too out of it to care, but it felt really great to wake up at home today. It's just now 7 and the kids are still asleep but Neil and I have been up for a while now. We have no food here at all so Neil is going to run in and get some groceries. We cannot wait to eat some Mexican food so tonight, it's veggie fajitas. We may even eat it for breakfast. I officially know what jet-lagged means and I won't go throwing that term around when I fly to Hawaii or New York ever again.

I am glad we're home. It's going to be great for me to get back to my routine and to see everyone I've missed so much, and for Neil to start his new job too. It was an amazing, life-changing trip and I can't wait to hang out with Neil tonight when we're full from our huge, home-cooked meal and talk about it all again.

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