Langkawi Malaysia

All four of us agree that today's jet ski tour of Langkawi was the coolest thing we have ever done.  

We headed out to our first stop, Dayang Bunting and the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.  As we approached the shore, we passed the most incredible limestone cliffs

We hiked up the trail to the lake.

Violet didn’t even notice this monkey right next to her, and when she did see him, she bent down to say hi…

and he slapped her in the face!

We got back on the water and sped off toward the most secluded perfect lagoon I can imagine.

Because we were surrounded by cliffs, the echo was fantastic.  After swimming for a while, we got back on the jet skis for a closer look at the cliffs.

I think it is the most beautiful place we have ever been. Next, we headed out to open water so we could just have fun on the jetskis and let the kids drive.

Our next stop was an eagle sanctuary.  This dock used to be part of a a wildlife visitor center, but the tsunami in 2008 wiped everything out. We think it looks like the Dharma Initiaive from Lost.

There were so many eagles flying above us!

Our next stop was another island, and we were able to get out and swim some more.

On our way back, we passed our ship!

We were so tired when we got back to the ship that we all slept for like six hours.  It was such a memorable experience - one of the very best things we have done in all of our traveling.  MegaWater Sports here was fanastic and our guide, Tong was the best!  Thailand tomorrow!

© Knstrong 2013