National Air and Space Museum

At the Air and Space Museum, I saw the Spirit of St.Louis.  The Spirit of St. Louis is a Ryan NYP.  It isn’t a very big plane and when Mom saw it she was surprised it was so small.  Its landing gear was weird.  It had two wheels in the front and then a stick in the back!  No wheels;  just a stick like the kick-stand of a bike!

DSC 0107

That was in the front part, called the Milestones

of Flight gallery.  Also there, they had SpaceShip

One, the first privately launched spacecraft, an

X-15, the first aircraft to fly Mach 3, Mach 4, and

Mach 5, a Wright EX which flew across the

country, and some spacecraft.  Then we

headed to the space section.  We saw Skylab

and it is really small!  They had the Apollo 11

Command Module, a Soyuz capsule, a V-2,

and a lot of other rockets.  Then Violet

wanted to go to the How Things Fly exhibit.  A lot of the stuff there is hands-on, and I got to go in the cockpit of a Cessna 150.

Also, wesaw a U-2, which is a big

spyplane.  The U-2 was in the

Looking At Earth part, with lots

of views from different altitude,

ranging from 10 foot hill to

DSC 0143

25,000,000 miles away in a

satellite.  Then, we headed over

to where the airliners were.  Mom thought the DC-3 was really pretty, and we got a great picture of it.  There was also the front section of a DC-7, which is an old propeller airliner.

                                                            It was really nice on the inside.  I wish that when you

                                                            flew nowadays that you got to fly like that.  After the                                

                                                             America by Air section (where the airliners were),  I flew                                            

                                                             a flight simulator.  I was in an F-4 and we had to shoot                            

                                                             down the enemy planes.  When I was yawing right, Dad

                                                              bumped the stick and we banked inverted.  I was

                                                              pushing the stick hard right then!  We only got one

                                                              fighter shot down, though. Then we went to the National Portrait Museum.  There were really cool pictures of all the presidents.  They also had some cool sculptures.  Check in tomorrow, I’ll have another post!         - Hayden                                                

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