Fish Are Friends, Not Food (So don’t eat them, people!) 

Hey peoples! Today was amazing, and it included snorkeling, hugging a fish (yes, that really happened, I have proof), and taking over 200 photos. 


(Just a little note, this post is my longest one yet, so save some time to read it 😂)

OK, so to start off our unbelievably insanely incredible day, we waited about 30 minutes for our car that took us to the speedboat to come. It was very boring, but the van came eventually, and the wait was so worth it! When the van came, we got on and drove (well no duh, thank you, Violet. 🙄) to the speedboat port, which was about 25 minutes away from the cruise ship dock. We had to tender in, which basically means get on a tiny, very shaky boat, and scarily ride it into the port, while questioning the entire time whether or not the boat is going to flip over. Yep, super fun! Ok, so once we boarded our speedboat, (but not before buying Pocky and Pringles!) we met our guide, Piim, who showed us the ropes of snorkeling and swimming in deep waters. We first rode the boat for about an hour to the Phi Phi Islands (which is pronounced pee-pee islands, great name, am I right?) We swam at the first island, and it was just so snazzy. (Sorry, I have to use the word snazzy at least two times in a post. That was two!) Okie dokey artichokey, then we got to the first snorkeling spot. And basically, this is where I hugged a fish.

Look at all the fish, it was insane!!

Fish attack!!!!

He’s just saying hi, chill.

Hi, Dad!

Can anyone help me find Nemo?

(That’s an anemone!)

Hi again, Dad. (Photo hogger!)

Next we swam. It was amazing. The water was SOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOooo CLEAR!

Hi fish!!

Can you find the fish? (all credit to me, I took the picture)

Then we snorkeled AGAIN!

Low tide!

Then we went back to the boat. I hope you enjoyed!!!!!!


Thanks so much for reading!

~ Violet 🌺💙

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