2 Days @ Paris 

PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!! Okay hi everyone!! I WENT TO PARIS!!!! As you probably know from me writing that over and over. So we went on a long 2 or 3 hour train ride from the staiton RIGHT NEXT TO KINGS CROSS STAITON!!! (AHHHHH!) IF you don’t know what that is it is the staiton that all wizards leave from IN HARRY POTTER!!!

Going through the wall!!

Me photo bombing Hayden’s picture on the train!

When we got to Paris we went to the hotel that we were staying at. It was a nice hotel. We dropped off our bag and then we went to find some lunch. 

Mmmmm……. Yummy smoothie. Ok then we went back to chill at the hotel before our tour later that night. We took a nap. 

This is a picture I took on the tour. So on the tour we went to the Eiffel Tower and then we went to dinner.

Then we walked in the pouring rain to the Eiffle Tower. It was about midnight by then. 

Then we went to sleep.

Today tried to go to the Louvre, a famous art museum, But it was WAY too crowded. Then we went to the hotel to warm up with some hot chocolate. After that we boarded the train to come back to London. Thanks!!! 

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