We Set Sail


( The huge boat we're standing on is the cruise ship, not the one we're watching.)

It may not be in the title, but this post is also a DOUBLE EPISODE. I have 2 days of being on a 965-foot long boat in a penthouse suite on the 14th deck to write about. 

OK, Day One: Countryside- Civitavecchia

Today we drove in our Opel Meriva to Civitavecchia, the port in Rome. We dropped off our bags, checked ourselves in, and boarded. Dad took the Opel back to the Hertz place in Civitavecchia and met us in the Garden Cafe on Deck 12. We explored the ship. I'm going to tell you what we saw, but just the highlights.

Deck 6: A French restaurant and a cool atrium where they have live music.

Deck 7: Almost everything is here. The Chinese restaurant we ate at that night, the lounge, and the shops are on this deck.

Deck 8: A little stuff is here, but not much. I think the theater is here, but maybe it's on 7.

Deck 12: The buffet (delicious pizza), the spa, and the stern viewing platform are on this deck.

Deck 14: Our deck. A private deck for the people in rooms 14000 to 14059, which has the Haven, an outdoor relaxing area:


Pretty nice.

Deck 15: The special deck for the people in the Black Diamond suite (15000). That room is bigger than our house (it's around 5,000 square feet!)

We ate at the Jasmine (the Chinese restaurant on Deck 7) and they had really good fried rice.

I slept good that night….ZZZZZZZZZZZZ (OK, not really.)

Day 2: Civitavecchia- The Open Ocean

Today we entered rough seas! Really! According to our Bridge Report, it's "Very Rough" (8-15 feet) and we rocked more than a Jimmi Hendrix concert!  Today I went to Kids Klub on Deck 12. We played Shark Attack, where everyone lays down and links elbows in a circle. I was the shark and I tried to pull kids out from the circle. I tried to grab Violet and I fell over backwards! I couldn't get anybody so eventually somebody had to help me out and pull Violet out!  I have a couple pictures of the boat, along with captions.


Our room's living room.

Our room.


Mom and Dad's bedroom.

Mom and Dad's bathroom. (That's not a crazy submarine, it's the reflection of the sink on the glass.)

Those are the 4 rooms in our suite.

Me on the Haven's observation platform.

I haven't got any answers yet, so no Travel Trivia right now.

- Hayden M.S.

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