Why is This City Named After a Pool of Liver?

If you’re not a Beatles fan, I advise you to turn back now, because this page is one of the most complete collections of Beatlemania ever compiled.

Still with me? Excellent. Let’s proceed.

This actually happened yesterday. It’s pretty much the only thing we did yesterday, though, so don’t complain about not getting a post. Unless you want to hear about every single store we went to in order to buy Mom new pants, the combining of the day’s posts is for the best.

Today, however, was a bit more interesting. We rode a brand-new Virgin Trains trainset (an Alstom Pendolino) at 135 mph from Euston Station to Liverpool’s Lime Street Station. There, our guide met us and we began our tour of the city. To begin, we did a quick panorama of the city.

John Lennon’s birthplace, now converted into student accomodations at Liverpool’s local university.

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, owned by Paul McCartney.

A statue outside LIPA, with the Magical Mystery Tour bus in the background.

Me signing my name on Ringo Starr’s old house. The whole block is unfortunately slated for demolition.

Ringo's next childhood home.

Us at Penny Lane.

The real yellow submarine!

Me, actually getting to play one of John Lennon’s first guitars.

Us at Strawberry Fields.

That’s about everything Beatley we did…except this.

Oh, yeah.

Liverpool is an awesome city, full of cool architecture, both new and old.

St. George’s Hall, a huge convention center-kind of place currently being used for filming of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Neo-Classical with Corinthian columnades.

An office building on the banks of the Mersey, in the Neo-Deconstructivist style.

Liverpool One, a brand-new apartment building. Post-modernist, with a simultaneously narrowing and twisting façade. The spandrels alternate in thickness and the piers are canted. Pretty awesome.

One of the “Three Graces”, three huge stone buildings on the Mersey river. Georgian, Neo-Gothic, and I don’t even know what that one on the end is. Art Nouveau, maybe? That’s a lot of domes.

Hagrid’s flying motorcycle in Harry Potter!

Liverpool was pretty sweet. Situated on the banks of a two-mile-wide river, a mix of grand 20th-century buildings, retro-industrial and country homes, and full of interesting history.

Tomorrow, we’re going to do a bunch of random stuff in London. So get ready for random stuff!

- Hayden M. Strong

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