Parisians In The Mist

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Okay, that’s thirty seconds. The advertisement just ended. Now back to our regularly scheduled Hayden’s Page.

Our adventures in Paris began yesterday morning, when we boarded a 186-mph Eurostar train at London St. Pancras International Station.

These trains are FAST. They’re so fast that every time you go in a tunnel your ears pop. After a 2 1/2 hour ride, part of which was underwater in the Channel Tunnel, we arrived at Paris’ Gare du Nord train station. We took an Über car to our hotel, the Hotel Chambiges-Elyseés. Our room was oddly shaped but nice, and the beds were very comfortable.

After napping, a Volkswagen van picked us up. (A shiny new VW van. Our tours are not conducted in rainbow-painted Type 2 Transporters with peace-sign headlights.) 

It was absolutely pouring for our entire tour, so most photographs were taken from inside said van. Here’s a brief overview of what we covered, in photographic form.

The Grand Hospital, built by Napoleon.

A Neo-Classicized church, complete with Greek columnade.

The Sacre-Coeur cathedral in Montmartre.

A panorama from the top of a hill.

The view from the restaurant we ate at, a great little Italian food place. The margherita pizza was so good I ate a whole pizza.

A stunningly beautiful portrait of my sister, taken by me.

The EIffel Tower from the banks of the Seine.

The tower in the clouds. As you can see, the entire city was blanketed by fog and mist. 

The tower covered in sparkling lights at midnight. 

Yes, I said midnight. We stayed up incredibly late last night, but the pictures we took were so worth it.

All we did today was ride the Eurostar back and sit around in our house. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

We’re not exactly sure what we’re going to do tomorrow, so stay tuned!

- Hayden M. Strong

© Knstrong 2013