Piazza Does Not Mean Pizza (Our Visit to Rome)

Yeah, we finally went to Rome today. We drove to the station and took the SR lines into Rome. First we went to the Vatican Museum, which really, really rocked. We saw paintings, sculptures, maps, Egyptian stuff, and the Sistine Chapel. Here are some pictures, along with captions on where we were in the pictures.


This is a really pretty painting in the painting gallery.


Sculptures of animals in the sculpture area.

Violet poses with yet another cat in the Egypt galleries, this one 3,000 years old. (If that's only its 1st life, then this cat can live 27,000 years!)

The maps are on the walls in this gallery, but it's not very easy to see them in this picture.

You're not allowed to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel (or as Violet called it, the Sixteenth Chapel), so I don't have any. It was really cool, though. Michelangelo painted it in the 1700s. I think he was a really great painter, though, judging from the artwork!

Next: The Roman Forum!

The Roman Forum is the real city center of ancient Rome. The stuff there was still intact! I saw all these cool ruins, mosaics, and other artifacts! I have a few pictures:


Yep, really!

Next: The Coliseum!

We actually went and saw the Coliseum! It has 3 floors, plus 1 of underground tunnels. It sat 50,000 people in ancient Roman times! It has all the original staircases and walls. The seats weren't there, but it was still amazing. Picture:


Next: The Trevi Fountain!

This is us, throwing our 10 Euro cent coins into the fountain! Throwing them in backward is supposed to foretell returning to Rome with your partner! Sure worked for us last time…(see our 2007 trip).

We WALKED between these sites, and I really think we walked around 10 miles. My feet hurt SO BAD and I am glad I'm home!

So long for now!  - Hayden M.S.


1. 40 miles

2. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula (Apple's first investor/founder)

3. the Standard Model


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