Welcome to Italy


That's our house.

It's a pretty nice house in the Italian countryside.

Here's what happened today:

We got our bags from Flumicino (Rome's airport).  Yes, they arrived on the 11:00 flight from Munich.  Woo hoo!  Then, we rented our car. Our car is an Opel hatchback. Its back doors open backwards!  We drove in our Opel to some old Roman ruins. The cars on the road were cars I've never seen! There were Alfa Romeos, Renaults, SEATs, Lancias and more Fiats than you've ever seen!

At the ruins, we saw some really awesome stuff. There were the remains of a Roman mall!  It was really cool.

Violet spots a couple of cats.


Us at the ruins.


Then, we drove to our house. Our house is really nice! We have really comfy couches:


Check back tomorrow for the 3rd episode of….. HAYDEN"S PAGE 2013!!!!!

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