Phuket Thailand

Today, we tendered to the shore from the ship’s docking point off the coast of Phuket, Thailand.  Once ashore, we drove to the Royal Phuket Marina and boarded our chartered boat and headed off to the Phi Phi Islands. 

The water is fantastically clear and the surrounding uninhabited islands are beautiful.

We stopped just beyond Maya Bay and swam in the warm turqoise water,

Next, our boat stopped at a shallow reef and we went snorkeling. This is what we saw when we jumped in.

So many fish!!!!

We saw this cool Viking cave.  Cave paintings were found inside that looked like Viking ships.

We passed these monkeys on the cliffs on the way to lunch on the island of Ko Phi Phi Don.

Hayden had a weird coconut orange pineapple Fanta drink at lunch that tasted like Smarties.

Our next stop was this white sand beach for some more swimming.

Then, back out to deeper water for more snorkelilng.

We had the most incredible time out on the water all day in Thailand. We rode back an hour to mainland Phuket on the speedboat.

Thailand is spectacular - One of the best places we’ve ever been.

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