I am in a house in Washington DC and we left at about 11:15 this morning and I had the best time ever.  We went to a battlefield and did you know that this battlefield was the civil war?  I learned that the field was a battlefield when I saw it.  Mom said it was a field but I saw what she meant.  And, I saw a really cool museum.  We went inside. It had lots and lots of stuff.  I saw the coolest was a cannonball.  It was brown and black. It was as hard as a rock.  I touched it, but it was not what I thought it would be.  I thought it would be soft and squishy. But, it was really hard.  I learned that Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president.  I saw a bed and in the civil war, there were these beds that the horses had to carry for the generals.  The people in the civil war were all men and I saw the weirdest thing. I noticed that the bed was made out of metal and I didn’t know that until then.  We also were going in the car and we did a tour in our car.  Hayden and I saw a tree.  It was 200 years old.  It had a sign on it.  The sign says this tree is 200 years old and in the museum, I saw this horse and I noticed that it had a man on it.  The person and the horse were both statues.  Mom took a picture of me and Hayden next to the Abraham Lincoln statue.

Did you know that the thing I saw was made out of metal?  Metal is a hard, hard solid.

© Knstrong 2013