Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano

We went to Pompeii and Erculano the last time we were in Italy two years ago, but we went without a guide and without a map.  Big mistake.  It was amazing, but we didn’t really understand what we were walking through.  So, having learned from that experience, and with Violet’s incredible interest in the Mount Vesuvius eruption, we decided we had to go back, but this time with a guide.  So, we met up with Charlotte (an archaelogist) right as the site opened at 8:30 am.  We walked through the original gate and up the main Roman road - the chips of white marble in the road were placed along the main entry road to act as reflectors for visitors carrying torches.

The ruins are amazing, and when you put everything in context, it’s even more incredible.

This is one of the beautiful baths.

When we left Pompeii two hours later, the line to get in was insane and the whole place was packed.  We were so glad to have gotten there early. Next, we headed to Sorrento, and on the way, we passed by the clearest water.

After Sorrento, we headed to the Amalfi Coast.

It’s so beautiful, I can’t even believe it’s real.

Our driver took us way up the mountain above Positano to La Tagliata, a restaurant right on the cliff with an incredible view.

We sat down and the waiter immediately brought us wine, olives, bruschetta, eggplant parmesan, zuchinni, broccolini, and bread.  As soon as we finished tasting everything, they brought us all of this pasta.

Every thing at the restaurant is made by “Mama"…the pasta, the cheese, the wine, everything.  There are gardens just below the dining rooms.

The food was the best we have every had, by far.  We ate as much as we could, and then came dessert.

We finished off the meal with a shot of Limencello, and headed down into Positano.

Today was a fantastic day in every way.  Tomorrow, we are back to Civitavecchia and then driving to Chianti in Tuscany for a few days.  On to the next part of the trip!

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