Roses are red...

Today, I went to the most awesome town that was all about ME!  But first, we drove through Cannes.  We saw everything for the film festival.  

Then, we went to Antibes and walked on the beach and found seaglass.  

Then, we went to the old market.  I bought very, very, very, very big raspberries.

After that, we went to St. Paul, the artist’s village.  I put a coin on Marc Chagal’s grave in the cemetery,

Then, we went out to lunch at a fancy old restaurant.

After that, then we went to a town dedicated to me!  It was called Tourrettes Sur Loup and they have a violet festival every year, and the shops all sell only violet flavored stuff.  I got some violet candies, violet lollipops, and some bags filled with dried violets.  And I tried violet ice cream and loved it!

I also had a crepe earlier in the day, and a macaron! I loved them! Thank you for reading!

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