Omaha Beach of D-Day

Today we went to Omaha beach, which was one of the 5 beaches allied forces landed on during World War II.  We saw tanks, like the reenactment Violet and I are standing by in the title image.  There were also the remains of the artificial harbor that British and U.S. forces used to transport and load cargo.

We saw where the Germans had all their gun batteries.  There were 4.

The pic on the left is the 1st one, the one that got bombed by allied forces.  The one on the right is the 2nd battery,  which is incredibly well preserved.  We didn’t see batteries 3 and 4.  This is omaha beach from there:

After that, we went to the American cemetery.  There were over 9500 graves.

Then, we went to the actual omaha beach.

When we went home,  we saw sheep and cows.

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