Today, I went to Pompei.  Pompei is a city in Italy that got blown up by a volcano. People died in the eruption.  We saw casts of bodies.


We crossed stepping stones on the street because they used to always have water running in the streets.

I got to step on them. There was a white dog there and he crossed the stepping stones too!


We saw a pretty big mansion and it had a big room filled with little cabinets. We saw baths…there was a cold bath, a hot bath, and a steam room.


We were getting to the end of Pompei…


But, then we went to Eraculono.

It was cool, but it wasn't as big as Pompei. It got wiped out by the volacno too, but this one was impressive because some of them still had roofs and stairs, and some of them were barely even broken.


My brother and I pretended to work in an ancient restaurant.


After we got back to the ship, we went to a chocolate buffet! They had the best food ever.  I got chocolate mousse and cake!

Now I am at the airport.  I won't be doing any more blogs now! I'm on my way to fly home. It's been a really fun trip.  Thanks for reading my blog again.  Last time you're going to get to read it because Violet is coming to town again!

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