Special Double-Length Episode!


Yep- that's right; a special DOUBLE LENGTH episode! 2 days of our adventures in Italy!

Day 1:

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…. We slept until 3:30 PM. Really! That's 15 1/2 hours or nearly DOUBLE the average time a human sleeps!  Therefore, we didn't get around much that day. V and I explored the wilderness referred to as "our backyard", and we finally found a market that was open (Marino Supermercado). Yup, pretty boring.

Day 2:

Up in the morning today (around 7:30), so we can DO something today! We headed down to the Italian Air Force Museum and I saw a Grumman Goose.


Yeah, the Grumman Goose was outside. The real museum was inside. I saw these planes:


These are the tailfins of a vintage Italian Caproni bomber.


Violet is hanging out with another cute cat outside a hangar.

Unfortunately, the power was out in all the hangars but the WWI hangar. That's why I don't have any pics of the F-16s, F-4s, and F-86s I saw through a window.

Next, we went to a castle. You can get an idea of the size:


Yeah, pretty big. We saw all kinds of furniture and rooms and paintings from around 400 years ago. We saw the biggest kitchen EVER! The fireplace was about the size of my room, give or take. Really! This is the view from one of the towers:


Pretty cool! Although there were a lot of "ria"s (pizzerias that aren't serving pizza) near the castle, we still had one more destination: the Etruscan Caves! 3,000 year old cave dwellings cut into solid rock, these were pretty awesome:


Then we relaxed at home, where I am currently writing this.

Surprise! It's back: TRAVEL TRIVIA! Comment if you know the answer!

1. Hayden drove 400 miles in 10 days. How many miles, on average, did he drive each day?

2. Who created Apple Computer? (Hint: there are 3 founders!)

3. What is the name of the theory that the Higgs boson confirms?

Answers will be in the next post!

Thanks and so long until next time!

- Hayden M.S.

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