The Second Day and Don't Trust the GPS!

Today,I went to Powerscourt and went to Pepperpot tower .  Pepperpot is 5 stories tall and on the lower 4 levels  you can hear your echo.  Mom thought it was creepy but I thought it was cool. 

After Powerscourt, I went to a waterfall and stayed there for less than 10 minutes.

After that I went to Glendalough. I threw about 100 rocks into a lake. I named all the walkways there. I watched The Muppets take Manhattan on the way home.  Violet slept  about half the way home.   It  was windy today from 6 Beaufield  Park to Glendalough. I was going through a maze today and did it   on my first try! On the way to  Wicklow, the GPS told us to go over     10km on a small one way bumpy dirt road through the Irish country side.

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