Towers and Railroads and Cliffs…Oh My!

Today, we disembarked from the Norwegian Epic and stepped into yet another Mercedes van (this one was silver) and drove to the five hilltop villages of Cinque Terra. The villages were surrounded by beautiful terraced vineyards like the one that’s right above this text.

That’s what the villages look like. Beautiful old-style buildings in vivid colors like yellow, sea green and even pink. Cobblestone streets that wind around and slope down the mountain towards harbors and the stunningly blue Mediterranean. 

Yes, it’s that blue. No Photoshop used.

The only ways to get between the villages are either a boat or a train. The boat was closed due to rough seas (they weren’t kidding:

or…a train.

At the station, we saw a Frecciabianca (white arrow) high-speed train. The trains we took were double-decked and electric powered (and not particularly “high-speed”.)  They ran through some very old tunnels carved out of the cliffs. 

At the last village, Vi and I ate real Italian gelato. 

I got vanilla. Dad, mint chocolate chip, of course. Mom and Vi also got mint chocolate chip.

After Cinque Terra, we visited a city we haven’t set foot in since 2007…way back when. : )


After that, we came back to the ship, where I am writing this right now.

- Hayden Strong

P.S. for my Facilitators: let it be known I saw both Eurasian Collared Doves and magpies (not sure what kind).

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