So Excited for Tomorrow

Hello everybody! This is my 2nd post, so I’m going to make it very interesting.  We went to the ancient road, Via Appia.  It was very fun when we went on the ancient road.  I drank water from the fountain, which was cool because it was like one of those fountains like you see at Longwood Gardens. 

We also went to this awesome restaurant, Il Venito.  It was deliciious and I got yummy pasta.  I also got shrunk!


I also went to the Spanish Steps.  My legs are sore from walking down so many steps, and from coming up them!  

Next up was the Secret Keyhole.  I got to look through this aweome little keyhole thingy and  I saw a tunnel!  It was really cool and it was surrounded with these trees.  At the other end, I saw St. Peters Basilica. It was awesome! My brother is looking in, but thats my head behind him.

And then we went to the old orange garden.  It was cool.  There was another foutnain there and I drank from that one too, but it sprayed too far and almost hit me in the face with water! I also smelled the pretty roses.

Tomorrow, we are going to board the ship called the Epic.  I’m really excited.  Please read tomorrow.  Thank you and goodnight!

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