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Another Three Hour Drive

Today, I did another three hour drive to get from my house in Tuscany to my apartment in Rome.  It was really long, but we stopped halfway to go to this little town that was awesome, where we had great pizza at a little restaurant.  It was really good. I had pasta and some of my Dad’s pizza.  We had to take a funicular up to the town.  The town’s name is Orvieto.

Then, we took the funicular back down and got back in the car for another hour.  I was meditating in the car, and Mom took a picture!  

It was funny. After that, we finally got to our apartment building.  The apartment is really big and has an awesome terrace.  We are on the top floor.  I had a lot of fun.  We ate a few biscuits and then after that, we walked around Rome at night.  But, it was super crowded. 

There were too many vendors selling things, such as selfie sticks.  Annyoing! So, we went to another awesome restaurant back in our neighborhood, Borghese.  I had strawberries and fresh whipped cream for dessert.  When you ate them together, it was so good. 


Then, when we came back.  I went to bed in my super duper comfy bed.  It was really nice.  Thank you for reding my post.  Tomorrow I’m going to the Rome Zoo! 

Boo and the Shoe

Today, I went swimming in frigid water after I woke up.  I put on a swim suit first, of course.  Here’s a picture of me cannonballing in after my brother dared me to jump.

When I got in, it was too cold to believe! When I got swimming around, it wasn’t as bad.  Then I did it again and again.

Then, I dared Hayden to go in up to the fourth step.  He had to put his swim trunks on! He did it!

Later, we went to this winery.  It was really really cool.  We did a tour and I got to go into the 1000 year old wine cellar.  We had to guess what was in this little room.

And I got it right! It was balsamic! YUM!

After the tour, we did wine tasting, but I only had water (which amazingly tasted like water)…My parents had the wine and I had bread and balsamic.  The balsamic was sweet for some reason that I don’t understand.  Our tour guide said it was really good on strawberries and ice cream.  Then, we went back to our house.  We had pasta yet again, and I thought this bag of biscuits we had was just crackers.  But, I ran in and grabbed one while I was playing outside because I was hungry, and when I bit in, it was sweet! They tasted really good.  They had these little bits of sugar on them.  Then, I played outside more with Boo.  He had his toy shoe with him so we kept tossing it for him and he would run and grab it.

(The shoe is in the right corner). What was really funny, was when he would grab it he would make this funny sound. Thank you for reading my post.  Now I have to go to bed. Goodnight!

- V`I`O`L`E`T~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Today, I went to a museum to see the most awesome statue in the world, David. It was really cool. He had so much detail, it was incredible. Then, we looked around and saw some other statues. Then, we left and went to this cafe after walking around this old church.

It was really cool.  Then we went and got gelato. After that, we went to another art museum, but this one had more paintings. We saw the Birth of Venus and Spring by Botticceli.

After that, we looked around at some other paintngs.  Then, we went back to the little town we have our house in.  We went to the store and bought more bread and cheese. I also played with  my favorite pup, Boo.

He is chewing on some straw, formally known as a stick, but this is all that’s left of it. I’m going to play with him again tomorrow. I can’t wait.  I might also go swimming and the pool water is really cold.  It’s freezing so I’m a little nervous to swim tomorrow.  Thanks for reading my blog.  I’ll write another post tomorrow.

Three Hour Drive

This is a rainbow I saw from our house in Italy.  But first, today I got off the ship and walked to a bus.  The bus took us to another bus, which took us to the place where we got our rental car. Then we got in the rental car and started driving. Two hours later, we stopped at a little cafe where I had pasta, which was very good, and some bread. After that, we got back in the car, drove for thirty minute to some tombs which were really cool.

The tombs were really cool and they were from the people who came before the Romans, the Etruscans. Then, we got back in the car and drove about half an hour longer which took us to the town.  We went to a market and bought strawberries, bread, cherries, cheese, carrots, basil, and tomatoes. Then, we got to the place we are staying, we went and explored in the backyard with this cute dog named Boo. He is black with these cute floppy ears. He is not even one year old yet!

This is our pool.  

After we got back inside, I got the upstairs bedroom which is pretty small, but I’m sharing it with my brother. Then, my dad made us all caprese and a sandwich on the side. After that, we had a very delicious cake that the woman who owns this house made for us. Yum! Thank you for reading my post. Check in again soon!

Italy Again

Ok, so I have had so much fun on this trip, and I’m still having fun, and I’m only halfway done.  Yesterday was so fun.  I didn’t do a post because I was so busy.  My birthday was amazing.  I couldn’t believe how fun the waterslides were. 

That’s on the cruise ship! I also went out to dinner at a French restaurant and had cake and chocolate fondue. Now about today. Today, I started by going to Pompeii, which was fun.  I learned a lot! We had a guide named Charlotte, who was an archaelogos, and she showed us awesome mosaics, the Roman baths, and the public toilets (yuck).

After that, we were walking down the main street to get to the ancient market and this little puppy walked over and started licking my feet! Then I started petting him and he got all happy!

Then we went to this ancient bakery, and you won't believe this! When the archaelogist who dug this up looked inside the oven, there was a stone covering the front opening, he pulled away the stone and….he found 81 loaves of bread that had been perfectly preserved because air couldn’t get past that stone!

After Pompeii, we drove to Sorrento. The water, you could see the bottom even in the deepest parts.


After that, we drove to the Amalfi Coast and the town of Positano.  We went to this amazing restaurant for the best lunch.  We had three courses, first mozzarella, eggplant parmesan, olives, broccoli, bruschetta, bread, and zuchinni.  After that, we had pasta - ravioli, gnocchi, and a zuchinni pasta dish.  After that, we had dessert! We had cherries and chocolate creme cake.  Every single thing there was homemade.  And the view was spectacular.  They had chickens that laid eggs and gardens for the kitchen.

After that, we saw this cute little green lizard.


Then, we went down to the town of Positano, went to the beach, which wasn’t that great, and then we drove back to the ship.  Now, I am going to go eat dinner and then I am going to exchange my arcade tickets for a prize.  Tomorrow, I am going to our house in Tuscany.  Thank you for reading this blog!  Bye!!!

Desserts From Around the World

Yet another dessert is what I’m eating here. I can’t believe it, but I have eaten a famous dessert in every place! Anyway, we started off in the city of Barcelona and had this melted chocolate drink.  We also saw the smallest street in Europe, which was very skinny.

I mean really, who would make it that skinny?  Do they expect flattened cars to drive through?!?! Yeah, that was a little weird.  We went to an awesome old church and saw the Roman aqueduct.

I also went to the beach (yet again) and had fun collecting seashells, sea glass and polished rocks.  I found a piece of jade in the water and it’s really cool. I’m having so much fun here.

Then we went to the Olympic Stadium.  They had this torch that a guy shot a flaming arrow on to it to light it for the Olympics in 1992.  It reminded me of Greece, Nico! 

We had lunch at a very very very nice restaurant with very yummy food.  I got this tasty paella with vegetables and olive oil.

P.S. That beer was not for me! It was for my dad!

Then, we saw this awesome old hospital.

To me, it looks like a church.  Then we went to Park Guell, which was so cool because I am an artist and I could tell all the techniques Gaudi used to make his awesome park.

Then we saw La Sagrada Familia, which is a church they have been working on for hundreds of years and won’t be finished for 11 more years!

Then, we saw a Guadi building based on fairy tales…here it is. The roof is supposed to look like dragon scales, the balconies look like skulls from the dragon’s victims, and the balcony on the very top is supposed to be for a princess.

Then we went back to the boat.  I had a very busy day today! Thank you for all the comments.  Tomorrow is my birthday, so please read my post! Thanks to everyone here!

Trains, Boats, and Fun

Today, I had so much fun doing all of this stuff. I’m really really happy I got to find a few more pieces of seaglass. I’m really excited for tomorrow because we have an all day tour of Barcelona. Mallorca was very fun today, even though we didn’t have a long day.

The ice cream I got in Soller was the best I’ve ever had.  

I loved it! We also road an awesome hour long train through the mountains.

I can’t believe it was still running! Next, we got on a trolley which took us to the shore, where I found my sea glass, my shells, and my super super smooth stones.

This was the view from the trolley.  We found this little park and I got to swing and play on it for a while.  Here are a few pictures of me on it.

After that, we went back the same way the tain went, except in a car. Yeah, that was really fun. Next, we went home to the boat. That was cool because there was a lot to see on the drive. When we got back on the boat, I drew.  And then, I went to Kids’Club.  Now I am getting ready for bed.  Goodnight everyone!

Roses are red...

Today, I went to the most awesome town that was all about ME!  But first, we drove through Cannes.  We saw everything for the film festival.  

Then, we went to Antibes and walked on the beach and found seaglass.  

Then, we went to the old market.  I bought very, very, very, very big raspberries.

After that, we went to St. Paul, the artist’s village.  I put a coin on Marc Chagal’s grave in the cemetery,

Then, we went out to lunch at a fancy old restaurant.

After that, then we went to a town dedicated to me!  It was called Tourrettes Sur Loup and they have a violet festival every year, and the shops all sell only violet flavored stuff.  I got some violet candies, violet lollipops, and some bags filled with dried violets.  And I tried violet ice cream and loved it!

I also had a crepe earlier in the day, and a macaron! I loved them! Thank you for reading!

An Epic Day

Ok, this is my post.  That is a picture of me eating gelato!  YUM! I had so much fun today in the five villages, Cinque Terre, I saw a bunch of old, cool buildings.  

After the first village, we went on the train to the fourth village, and that picture of Gelato is from the third village, Carneligia.  I had so much fun today.  We drove through Tuscany.  After that, we went to the leaning tower of Pisa.

The Epic is one of the biggest cruise ships in the world, I’m having so much fun on it.  There is the most awesome Kids’ Club, which I am going to go to in a few minutes (after I go to the buffet).  I can’t wait.  Posting has been really fun for me.  Thank you for leaving comments.  I’m very excited to write again tomorrow.

Kamryn and Ben, thank you for your comments!  I loved reading them! 😄

(Say hi to Nico for me!)

So Excited for Tomorrow

Hello everybody! This is my 2nd post, so I’m going to make it very interesting.  We went to the ancient road, Via Appia.  It was very fun when we went on the ancient road.  I drank water from the fountain, which was cool because it was like one of those fountains like you see at Longwood Gardens. 

We also went to this awesome restaurant, Il Venito.  It was deliciious and I got yummy pasta.  I also got shrunk!


I also went to the Spanish Steps.  My legs are sore from walking down so many steps, and from coming up them!  

Next up was the Secret Keyhole.  I got to look through this aweome little keyhole thingy and  I saw a tunnel!  It was really cool and it was surrounded with these trees.  At the other end, I saw St. Peters Basilica. It was awesome! My brother is looking in, but thats my head behind him.

And then we went to the old orange garden.  It was cool.  There was another foutnain there and I drank from that one too, but it sprayed too far and almost hit me in the face with water! I also smelled the pretty roses.

Tomorrow, we are going to board the ship called the Epic.  I’m really excited.  Please read tomorrow.  Thank you and goodnight!

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