Naples, Italy

This morning, we actually got an early start. We got off the boat in Naples and took the hydrofoil to Capri. Violet flirted the whole way with a chic Napoli man who called her “bella” and entertained her most of the trip – one of her many Italian boyfriends. From a few miles away, we could see the island. It has the most unbelievable cliffs jutting straight up out of the turquoise water. It really is amazing. The cliffs are terraced with the most beautiful villas and their flower and vegetable gardens, and the lemons the island is famous for. We stopped at a café right near the port for a little food. Then, we took the funicular straight up the cliffs to the actual town. The town is about halfway up the island with a spectacular view. The streets are narrow and filled with great shops like Stuart Weitzman, La Perla, and Prada. We walked around while Violet slept.

We took the funicular back down and back at the coast, we went down to the very rocky beach. Hayden found a couple cool rocks and we got our feet in the Mediterranean for the first time. Naples was much more our style. Palermo was cool but it is less of a destination and it seemed like we were just too obvious as tourists. There were a lot of tourists on Capri, but they were from all over the world. People were speaking all different languages and we really felt we were experiencing Italy. We would have liked to see both Capri and Sorrento today, but the kids can really only handle four hours or so ashore with all the walking we end up doing. We didn’t want to push it because they were both so great today. Violet is at the nursery at the moment and Hayden is hanging out with us in the internet café. Tomorrow, we are going to Olbia, Sardinia and plan to spend as much of the day at the beach as we can.

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