Desserts From Around the World

Yet another dessert is what I’m eating here. I can’t believe it, but I have eaten a famous dessert in every place! Anyway, we started off in the city of Barcelona and had this melted chocolate drink.  We also saw the smallest street in Europe, which was very skinny.

I mean really, who would make it that skinny?  Do they expect flattened cars to drive through?!?! Yeah, that was a little weird.  We went to an awesome old church and saw the Roman aqueduct.

I also went to the beach (yet again) and had fun collecting seashells, sea glass and polished rocks.  I found a piece of jade in the water and it’s really cool. I’m having so much fun here.

Then we went to the Olympic Stadium.  They had this torch that a guy shot a flaming arrow on to it to light it for the Olympics in 1992.  It reminded me of Greece, Nico! 

We had lunch at a very very very nice restaurant with very yummy food.  I got this tasty paella with vegetables and olive oil.

P.S. That beer was not for me! It was for my dad!

Then, we saw this awesome old hospital.

To me, it looks like a church.  Then we went to Park Guell, which was so cool because I am an artist and I could tell all the techniques Gaudi used to make his awesome park.

Then we saw La Sagrada Familia, which is a church they have been working on for hundreds of years and won’t be finished for 11 more years!

Then, we saw a Guadi building based on fairy tales…here it is. The roof is supposed to look like dragon scales, the balconies look like skulls from the dragon’s victims, and the balcony on the very top is supposed to be for a princess.

Then we went back to the boat.  I had a very busy day today! Thank you for all the comments.  Tomorrow is my birthday, so please read my post! Thanks to everyone here!

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