The Nameless Post of Mallorca

Our (surprise!) Mercedes van drove us from the port to Palma, the largest city on the Spanish isle of Mallorca. 

The city is full of cool, semi-modern Spanish architecture.

And big, old trees are everywhere. 

We saw the Palma marketplace, which had fruits and vegetables of all kinds. 

Then…we walked to the Palma railroad station and boarded THIS: A narrow-gauge 1927 electric-powered passenger train.

The train took us through the Tunel Major, a 2-mile tunnel through the mountains, and over a huge bridge crossing a valley. Then, it stopped in Soller, a beautiful town by the sea (sort of.) 

After touring the town and eating GREAT ice cream, we boarded the first electric trolley in Mallorca:

The trolley was really slow (some bikes passed us), so it took half an hour to bring us to the beach.

There were lots of small boats out on the water...

And big fish in the water.

Vi and I walked out on the sand.

No parking your horse here! : )

Signing off for now,


© Knstrong 2013