Cleared for Takeoff

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Today we flew around 6,000 miles from LAX to Rome, via Munich.  We left from L.A. at 10 PM. It was a 12-hour flight and I was BORED!  We were on a new airline, Lufthansa. Our plane was an Airbus A340-600. These are 4-engined single-level planes that seat around 430. Anyway, once we landed in Munich, Germany, we had to rush to make our connection to Rome.  Our plane on the 2nd leg was an Airbus A320. Don't confuse it with the A340! The A320 is a 2-engine 150-seat plane.  We had some awesome views from this plane. We saw the Alps and a huge thunderstorm. When we descended into Rome, there was lots of fog and wind, so we got bounced around. It was fun!

Wait! Plot twist!

When we landed in Rome, our bags never came out of the baggage claim! It turns out when we were rushing to make our connection, there wasn't enough time to get the bags to the plane. So they just left them in Munich!  We think they're going to show up tomorrow morning…

But will they? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode in…. HAYDEN"S PAGE 2013!

- Hayden M. Strong

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