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I am going on a trip to Europe very soon and this is where I will write every day about what I see and do.  You can read my parents' blog here and Hayden's blog here.

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Today, I went to Pompei.  Pompei is a city in Italy that got blown up by a volcano. People died in the …

Heraklion, Crete


Today, we are on the Greek island of Crete. We took the bus to a place with a minotaur. It was windy!

Day 2 in Israel


First, we went to a bunch of gardens.


This is where people meditate. It belongs to the Baha'i and that …

Israel - First Day


First, I went to Jerusalem and there was an ancient city and it had old history and other cool things.  …

The Waterslides in Cyprus


First, we went to a castle.  It was a castle/museum.  It had a bunch of cool old stones and rocks and they …

Alanya and Dragonflies


Today, we are in Turkey.  It is filled with butterflies and dragonflies.  I guess it's like summer here.  …

The Ship!


Now we are on a ship.  It is night time now, but I'm going to tell you about what happened earlier.  So, …



I took this cool picture!  I went to the Vatican museum and I did a scavenger hunt.  It was a fantastic …

The Castle!


Today, we went to an airplane museum and I saw a cat.  It ran up to me and it started purring, so I petted …

The Ancient Ruins


I went to the ruins this morning.  They were cool.  They had a bunch of old homes and we even saw a stadium.

My trip that I'll love!!!

Royal Chateau - Amboise

I am going to Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel and Greece. I am going to love this trip!  You can read all …

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