Le Mont Saint-Michel

So, today we drove about an hour to see the incredible Mont Saint-Michel, a medieval abbey built on top of Mont-Tombe in honor of the Archangel.  The original sanctuary was built in 708.  In the 10th century, Benedictine monks settled in the abbey, and a village grew below its walls.  When the tide is high, the mont is like an island.  Some people still walk through the marshes during low tide and try not to get stuck in the quicksand. 

There are about a million steps up to the top.  You just keep going up and up and up.

You could see forever from the top.

The inside was really beautiful, especially the abbey church and cloister.

I was outvoted, so after leaving Mont Saint-Michel, we went to this creepy place...

Yep, the reptilarium.  First, we saw a bunch of turtles and tortoises.  Harmless.

Then into the labyrinth of dragons (snakes), which was kind of gross, but still not terrible.  They had all these tunnels and ladders the kids could climb through that made it seem like they were inside the enclosures. 

Then, we went back inside for the grand finale....the alligator / crocodile area.  It was like 100 degrees and crazy humid.  And there were alligators and crocodiles everywhere.  Neil and the kids loved it...To me, a little personal hell.

It has to be one of the weirdest places I have ever been and I am sure I will have nightmares tonight about falling off the top of a mountain into a sea of reptiles.

We are trying to get to sleep early tonight because we have a looong day ahead of us tomorrow, starting with an almost four hour drive back towards Paris.  Until then, au revoir!

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