The National Archives and National Zoo

The first thing we did today was meet our friend Paul.  He was waiting at a Starbucks, but we went to the wrong one!  Did you know there are tons of Starbucks in DC?  When we met him, we took the Metro to the National Archives.  I would have lots of pictures of it but there was a big sign in front that said “NO PHOTOGRAPHY”!  That stinks!  I’ll have to just describe it.  We saw the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  The originals!  From the 1700s!  It was so cool.  Then, we went to the National Zoo.  I have lots of pictures of that!  We saw fishing cats, pandas, elephants, otters, and lots of other animals.  My favorite would have to be the otters.  When we went to the place you view the otters, they would sit there, and then all swim away.  When we went to the other viewing area, they went to where we just were!  It was really, really funny.  OK, here are some pictures.

DSC 0094

DSC 0097

Top one: Wolves!  These animals are both gray wolves, even though one of them isn’t exactly gray.  Bottom:  Sea lions!  These guys were cool!  They did tricks when they swam by us.

Then, we saw some lions, tigers and bears, (do pandas count as bears?  They should.)  There were supposed to be bald eagles, but we didn’t see them!  The lemurs were cool, and so were the other monkeys.  But I still really liked the otters!  Pictures:

I don’t have to put captions. You can tell what they are.

Then, we took the Metro back to our house.  We had a great day.

Signing off for now... - Hayden

P.S.  I really should think of a different closure to my posts.

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