The Flight and the First Day

On the  first flight I watched Spongebob and ate cookies and on the second flight I watched episodes of Phineas and Ferb and ate  more cookies and stayed up until midnight trying to beat Dad at trivia.  I only got 1 hour of sleep that night.

When dad was trying to drive in Dublin, Ireland it took him an hour to get from Dublin International Airport to 6 Beaufield Park, our house. Our house is 2  story and has a small yard with a table.

I brought my stuffed animal, Nemo and Violet brought her stuffed animal, Zip. I took a 4 hour nap and Violet got to go outside while I slept.Our house has 2 couches and I got to watch a movie on one of them.

Violet got an injury on her nose shaped like a V. Today, I got to go to 2 castles and a 1,500 year old cemetery. 

Violet and I played a trivia game on the ride home and she earned 83 Euro cents.  Euros are the currency in  Europe. It was noodles with double cheese for dinner and I asked for 2nd helpings.

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