Insert Clever Title Here

All right, let’s get this over with. I know you’re all saying “Come on, Hayden! You can at least come up with a half-decent title for this post!”

Well, for the record, coming up with a descriptive and informative, but also mildly amusing title, all in the space of ten words or so, is hard. You try weaving “Tower of London” and “National Gallery”, along with “subway” and “inclement weather”, into a hilarious one-line title.

See? You can’t! So don’t go complaining about my lack of a title.

Today, we rode the Underground (that’s right, no Über cars or Mercedes vans today) to Tower Hill station and walked to the Tower of London. Originally constructed in the 1200s, this mighty fortress has served as a prison, a royal palace, and even a mint. Today, it houses the Crown Jewels of England. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures of them. Rats.

The fortress is mainly comprised of stone towers, but some Tudor-style dwellings and a few ordinary-looking houses also lie within the walls. The tower was originally surrounded by water and today sits in the middle of London’s central business district.

Old houses with the Shard in the background.

30 St. Mary Axe, better known as the Gherkin. What does this building have to do with the Tower? Nothing. I just felt like taking a picture of it.

After a quick Underground ride, we arrived at the National Gallery.

The Gallery was quite crowded, but we were still able to see some amazing artworks, including a whole room of Monets. After we toured the Gallery, we rode an Über car back to our house. (Remember when I said no Über cars today. I lied. Sorry.)

Thank you for reading.

- Hayden M. Strong

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