We’re On A Boat!

Another black Mercedes van awaited us outside the lobby of our hotel, which drove us to Civitavecchia, a small town on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. There waited a few fishing boats, some yachts, a smaller cruise ship called the Aidablu, and in all its glory, the mighty Norwegian Epic, third largest cruise ship in the world.

(picture goes here when we get Internet)

We rode an elevator up to the sixteenth deck, walked through a hallway, and stepped into room #16005, one of only six rooms of its class on a boat that holds over five thousand people. 

The entry area. Vi and I sleep on the pullout couch. That’s the Aidablu semi-visible through the curtains.

Mom and Dad’s room. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows.

Bathroom. Also with the awesome windows.

Our “balcony” is actually enclosed, but all the windows open. And yes…we face forwards, not to the side. 

The view looks like this:

Since our room is on the sixteenth deck (you need a keycard to even get to this deck) we have access to the private Haven Courtyard and Epic Restaurant, as well as a private sundeck and pool at the very top of the ship (on the eighteenth deck.) Tomorrow, we port in Livorno and have a private tour to Cinque Terre, the five villages on the cliffs. 

(My apologies for not posting yesterday…ship Internet was down.)

Most sincerely,

Hayden M. Strong

© Knstrong 2013