Boston U.S.A.

Today, we left early in the morning to get to Roissy- Charles de Gaulle international airport. We thought we were on the Airbus A-380, world’s first true double-decker.  When we got there, the plane at our gate was an A-340.  We were supposed to be on a double-decker, and an A340 is 1 level.  We heard an announcement: “whoops!  we brought you the wrong plane.  take a bus to a seven-forty-seven!” So  we took the bus.  Our Boeing 747 was huge! We saw an A380 on the runway, and it blew our 747 away.  After flying 7.5 hours on the top deck of a 747, we landed at Logan airport.  We went to our apartment.  Then we went to the graduation,  where I have all my pics!

DSC 0032

DSC 0054

DSC 0027

DSC 0030

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DSC 0024

Nick’s Aunt Karen and I had a long talk about planes.

Then, we went to dinner.  The pasta tasted good!

p.s. Today was Violet’s birthday!

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  1. 1.33.3% is what fraction?
  2. 2.35 x 7
  3. 3.72-60
  4. 4.12.5% is what fraction?
  5. many zeros in a million?

last post answers:

  1. 1.$52.40
  2. 2.4/4 or 1
  3. 3.729
  4. 4.0 miles, i can’t drive!       good math if you said 4035 miles.
  5. 5.13 posts

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