London 202


HELLO!!!! I will be your tour guide for today!! We are now on our way to London! One tour car ride later…. ~~~~~~~~”””””~~~~~~~ Okay. We are here. Welcome. This above, you may be thinking is a painting on the ground. -> You are partially correct except this work of art was made on chewing gum!! (Gross, isn’t it?) So, again, you were partially correct. <- Come along now! Let’s get going! 

Okay, Who can tell me what this is? {That’s the parliament building, right?} Correct! Now, who wants to hear a story about this place? { Me! ME! Me! me! yes! Yeah sure! } All right then here we go! So, a long while back, there was a man whom was king. And there were protesters who did not like how he ruled. So, there is this tradition that the king or queen has to go to the Parliament building before the government could start thier debate. And these protesters thought this was their perfect chance. So under the building they put 122 barrels of gunpowder. It would have left a huge crater in London! But, the place did not blow up, because it was found out by the man who planned it’s brother. The end!! ->#<-  

                                           ##### Now here are the pictures we have taken #####

Thank you for kindly joining us on this tour!!! FOR ALL AT OC :: <| I ILLuminati   ~ Violet  <3

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