Israel - First Day


First, I went to Jerusalem and there was an ancient city and it had old history and other cool things.  We saw the new city and then the old city.  You could tell because there was a wall around the old city and not the new city.  It was really awesome and I got to see more ancient ruins.  Then, we went to Mountain of Olives and then the Dead Sea.  


It was awesome.  I floated in the water, but I was scared at first because I felt like I was going to sink in the salt, but then I just floated up to the top. There was so much salt in the water, I think that there was probably too much salt and that's how it made me float. My Mom did it and she was glad she did.  But, when you have a cut or something, it stings your cut. And, then, we had to get dressed.  It was the worst.  We had to change in a hut, with dirt floors and I had to be naked in front of a bunch of other women I didn't know. And then, I got over with it. We had a long drive, but now I am back and I have my pajamas on and now I am going to bed. Tomorrow, I am going with our guide again, Daniel, to see a place where you have to crawl because it's an ancient tunnel. It's going to be awesome!!!

That is what I call awesome!

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