White House and National Gallery of Art

Today, we had our tour of the White House.  Understandably, we had to go through some pretty serious security to get in, but once inside, we were on our own to take a self-guided tour.  It was very cool to see, but we kind of rushed through it a little, and it was over pretty quickly.  The art and furniture were unbelievable, and we got to see where the president gives his press conferences, and the red carpet that he walks down to meet the reporters. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures, but this is what that and the dining room looks like....

Violet was sure we were going to walk around a corner and see President Obama.  A few pictures from outside..

Afterwards, we headed to the National Gallery of Art, an amazingly beautiful building.  This is the fountain inside between the two wings of the West building, and the ceiling.

This is the walkway leading to the East building, which houses the modern art.

We saw some important works today by Picasso, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Rothko, Pollock, Warhol, Kandinski, and tons of others; quite a wide variety of styles and eras.  It was another long day and now we are back home, exhausted and starving, but glad we have seen and done so much every day.

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