Amsterdam #1

 Welcome to Amsterdam! Here we have canals, bikes and cake!! 

Haha. We did see all of those things after we got off the 3 hour train ride from Paris to here. Once we got here, we went to our hotel and checked in. Our hotel is BEAUTIFUL! Our room wasn’t ready, but we dropped off our bags and went to find our tour guide, Rob. He was awesome! He took us around the city and we saw a lot.

The are 88 canals in Amsterdam, and all of them are beautiful. Also, 20,000 bikes fall into the canal per year! and only about 3 cars fall in a year. Pretty impressive, considering there are barely any fences. 

We saw an awesome garden that you have to be a girl to live in any of the surrounding houses.  

And we also saw Duck Trump! 

And Duck Vader! There was a rubber ducky store we passed as we were walking by, they had pretty much anything you could think of in duck form.

Like I said, EVERYTHING.

More canals,

And beautiful churches. Amsterdam is gorgeous. Then we ate cake. The cake was chocolate and was amazingly amazing.

After that, it was time to go home. We took a cab home and then napped. Then me and my dad went to find dinner. We tracked down a grocery store and a small pizzaria. The pizza was sooo good! The we went to bed.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Bye for now,

Violet Strong

© Knstrong 2013