Alanya, Turkey


This is actually 2 days after my last post, but we didn't do anything yesterday (The Open Ocean) so here we are at:

The Open Ocean-Alanya, Turkey

We got off the boat (deck 4) at around 8:45 today and met our tour guide outside the harbor. First, we went to the ancient city of Side (pronounced "seed-ay").  We saw some really cool ruins like the ones right below this line:


and also:


After Side, then we went to a cool waterfall. The river's water level was unusually high, so the fall was about one third the height it usually is, but it was still cool:


See what I mean? After that we went and had lunch. I had the best lentil soup EVER! Yes, we actually have a picture:

It really was that good! I also had some great pizza without sauce. I don't like sauce, so I thought it was S.T.A! (So Totally Awesome). Then, we went to an ancient castle. It was really cool! 


And we saw a LOT of dragonflies:


Then we saw a cool cave. Its humidity was so high (98%) that it was beneficial to people's lungs.


Lots of stalactites (not stalagmites).

Then, for our final stop, we saw a shipyard from the 1200s. Really! It was cool and had all kinds of Roman shipbuilding equipment.


That's a Roman crane in the background.

OK, I haven't got any of the outside of the ship yet, so:


P.S. This truck has a camel and a donkey in it!


P.P.S. Let me know if you spot the lizard!


So long, and I will have a post tomorrow! - Hayden

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