The Woods and Bayeux

Today we left to Cerisy-La-Forêt, a park with 13 trails.

We took blue, but not all the way. We only took approx. 4 km of trails, about 80% of the blue trail. 8 pics coming up...

After walking three miles to our car, we drove to bayeux.  We saw an 1100-year old tapestry that I can’t show you because of Ne Photographie pas, or no photography.  Outside the building, however...

After eating lunch and driving home on the d270, everyone* went hiking.  2 pics

  1. Violet in the elle tribtary
DSC 0138
  1. plants growing over a wet path
DSC 0136

*except mom. She took a nap.

Dad and I played soccer. i won, 7-4.

Check in tomorrow.......

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