Mont. St. Michel, etc.

Today we went to Mont-St-Michel, a 15th century abbey on an island.  You had to drive across a causeway to get to the massive, 1500-car parking lot. 3 pics of it:

DSC 0157
DSC 0162
DSC 0188

You walked up at least 1000 feet on a grade to get to the main abbey.  It was worth it though.  It was amazing!  If you don’t believe me, check out the following 10 photos!

DSC 0242
DSC 0245
DSC 0249
DSC 0251
DSC 0260
DSC 0284
DSC 0288
DSC 0307

After that we went to a reptilarium.  Mom was scared.

picture key:

upper left: violet and a tortoise

upper right: us and a giant tortoise

lower left: violet and an iguana

lower right: a chameleon

i really liked “alligator bay”!

here’s more pics:

DSC 0425
DSC 0445

DSC 0465

And of course, crocs and gators!

Tomorrow:  Disneyland Paris!

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