Cinque Terre and Pisa

This morning, we started early and headed north towards Cinque Terre with our driver.  The weather looked a little ominous, but it ended up being a beautiful day.  Cinque Terre is a region of five villages on the cliffs above the Mediterranean Sea.  You can drive to the first village only, then it’s only boat or train to the others. We started in Riomaggiore and walked down to the marina.

We caught the train and went to Vezzano.

We had a great lunch of caprese and cheese pizza.

We walked around a little and just tried to take in the scenery.  It was hard to believe that it is a real place and not a movie set.

We walked through a secret passageway to the beach.

Our next stop was the village of Corniglia for some gelato.

 We walked to the end of town and the view from the overlook was incredible.

We decided to make a quick stop in Pisa on our way back to take the customary pictures….

It has been eight years since we last visited Pisa!

Today was an unforgettable day in one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen.  Truly spectacular.  We are wiped out after such a long day, but excited for Cannes tomorrow.  Hayden and Violet can’t wait to practice speaking French.  And eating crepes!

© Knstrong 2013