Harry Potter 4 Life


Okay hi everyone! After this post we will be saying goodbye to London. :( Today we went to the Harry Potter studios. We saw a lot. If you are not a witch or wizard, I am asking you to leave. Thank you! 

I bowed to Buckbeak, And he bowed back!! 

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Uhh.. If you haven’t finished the books yet, please skip this part. And close your eyes too.

They used this as Dobby when he dies in the 7th book.

Okay all non finishers! We are back!

Say hello to Aragog! 

And this would be the REAL diagon alley!!

Now here we are at Hogwarts! (A model)

Welcome to the house Harry’s parents died in. 

Nothing was the same again. 

Fake food for the Yule Ball! (Book 4)

And there was so much more that I would die while writing it! Thank you for reading all my posts this year and please say bye in the comments below! Thank You! ~ Violet

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