Last Day in Amboise

Today we drove to yet another castle.  It was called Cheverny Chateau.  Here’s a pic or two of the drive:

IMG 1364

IMG 1366

This is us on a guided tour of the grounds. 

DSC 0004
DSC 0011
DSC 0069

Pic 1: Us on the tour golf cart

Pic 2: The trees over the road

Pic 3: Violet with a Sequoia tree

After that, we went to Cheverny itself.  I don't have any photos because cameras aren't allowed.  But, I can tell you that it was cool.  Former royalty still stay on the 2nd and 3rd floors. We saw the private royal elevator.  After the chateau, we went to the gardens.  I took these pictures.

DSC 0168
DSC 0178

This is the dog run, where there are sixty anglo-french hounds.

DSC 0180

They aren't very happy.

We leave for Normandy tomorrow, so this is it for Amboise.  Check in tomorrow, s'il vous plait!

To my class: My collarbone is fine, Ms. Linda! Thanks to Chunda for the comment.  Thanks Ms. Julia, I would be happy to take the class picture.

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