Split, Croatia

Croatia is beautiful!  We are in the town of Split, part of the Dalmation region along the Adriatic Sea.  The coolest thing about Split is that it is off the beaten path so not many tourists were around.  The Roman ruins here are unbelievable.  The Emperor, Diocletian, built his retirement palace in 295.  The palace is more like an entire village enclosed with massive stone walls and connected by worn marble streets. 

We decided to climb the bell tower to take in the view.  You had to go up incredibly narrow passageways with really steep and slippery marble steps.  We got about halfway to the top and Vi was ready to head back.

Neil and Hayden went all the way to the top and said the view was worth the scary climb.

We were so happy to have nice weather, we took a little time enjoying the sun in a quiet part of the city.

We headed outside the palace walls to check out the massive bronze statue of Gregorious of Nin.  Isn’t he the coolest?

Apparently, recreational outdoor peeing is a big problem here....

We had some lunch and beers, then took the tender back to the ship.  Violet entertained everyone with her surprisingly great harmonica playing.

We hope the great weather continues the rest of our trip!

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