First Day - Rome

We left home yesterday evening around 6:30.  Our flight was a little delayed because President Obama and Air Force One were in Philly Monday, but we made it to Rome this morning, only an hour or so late.  Since we flew red eye, today was kind of just a recovery day, but we booked a driver and guide to take us around Rome at night, which was a great way to spend our first evenng here.

First, we went to Via Appia, the original Roman road. 

After learning about Via Appia, we went to a fantastic little restaurant and had an incredible meal.

Our next stop was the Spanish Steps, and then on to the top of a hill overlooking all of Rome.

Our last stops were the famous keyhole that looks through the Embassy of Malta towards St. Peter’s Basilica through the Italian Gardens, and then a view from the Orange Gardens to Vatican City.

It was such a great way to wrap up our travel day.  We are excited to start the next part of our trip in the morning! It’s about 11:30 pm here right now, so we are about to get some sleep and head to Civitavecchia to board the ship tomorrow.

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