Olbia, Sardinia

Sardinia didn’t work out quite as we had planned. We were in town on a Sunday so all the shops were closed. No buses were running, and there were no cabs around. It was 30 miles to the nearest nice beach, so we walked around and looked at the closed shops for a while with the kids and had some gelato. We went back to the boat and went swimming for a while, and then Neil and I headed back to check out the city a little more. Not much was going on, but we wandered around and stopped at a café and had some wine and olives. We had dinner that night at Animator’s Palate. The room starts out black and white, and then it slowly becomes colorful during the meal. It was Hayden’s favorite restaurant so far. It was probably a good thing we were forced to have a relaxing day since the next morning was Rome and we were planning on being there all day.

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